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Innovation in the World of Forex!

Risk Manager elaborated by Gerchik & Co

  • Automatic Service

    Cuts down customer's risks

  • 24/7 deposit protection

    Flexible settings to fit personal trading strategy

  • Charge-free for all Company's customers

    Unlimited number of accounts

This super assistant for any trader will protect you from the emotions that lead to the lost of the deposit. It will keep under control your risks as well as capital management.

!!!Over 80% of the Company's customers have already started using Risk Manager in their trading activities and already recognized its significant advantages!!!

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The trading rules are well known for you, But:

Put an end to despair, turmoil and failures!

Let the Risk Manager handle unnecessary emotions and risks for you, while you enjoy the trading!

Risk Manager by Gerchik & Co – is
a cure-all solution for trader!

Only imagine how much your trading is going to improve with the use of such
POWERFUL tool as the Risk Manager!

You will be just one step ahead of everyone else

Your deposit will increase

Say “goodbye forever” to the terrible word "Tilt"

You will stop taking your frustration out on the loved ones, regaining the much-needed peace of mind

You will no longer feel depressed and unmotivated because of numerous unprofitable trades

You will finally start taking long-awaited pleasure in trading

Product created
for traders by traders

Gerchik & Co really cares
about its customers and therefore created this
An unique product . All customers of the company
Can use it absolutely FREE!

What exactly can the Risk Manager do for you?

  • It limits your losses incurred as a result of such uncontrollable emotions as fear, panic or greed
  • It blocks execution of trades for a day, in case you go beyond the established risk level
  • It takes away the unnecessary stress and worries
  • It stops you from opening the trades exceeding the norm
  • It helps create an efficient capital management system
  • It saves the earned profit which you often lose when overstaying your position

Your losses will be minimized significantly, but the profit and deposit security will receive the necessary boost!

Start using Risk Manager

Risk Manager – is a solid protection of your funds!

So, what is this
Miracle Product all about?

  • You can connect it to either Real or Demo account;
  • Set the risk per deal, day, daily profit, week or month;
  • Calculate the risks either in $ or % of the deposit amount, depending on your wishes and trading strategy;
  • Enter the risk per trade; PLEASE NOTE! The risk per trade is calculated taking into account the commission fee and the swap.
  • Set the risk of losses per day, allowing you to control the risks during one day, after reaching which the system will block you automatically.
  • Risk per daily profit is a parameter that will save the profit gained by you on the deposit.
  • Set the risk per week, allowing you to control
    the drawdown for the week. It can be set either
    in dollars or %. If the drawdown takes place prior
    to the end of the week, you will be prohibited to
    trade until the next week.
  • Set the maximum number of unprofitable trades
    in a row per day, after reaching which you will be prohibited to trade during that day.
  • Enter the parameters of unprofitable trade
    which is going to protect you from Trading Tilt.
  • Choose the instruments that will be unavailable
    for trading, so you can focus on the traded ones only.

Risk Manager will nurture your ability to wait for the perfect
moment to enter the trade and will boost your trading overall!

What do Company’s customers
have to say about the Risk Manager?

Note! While enjoying every advantage offered to you by Risk Manager,
you do not incur any expenses associated
with its maintenance.

As you can see, having Risk Manager at hand ready to assist you on a day-to-day basis will help you not only make trader's career a lot faster, but also become an excellent Forex expert.

Create your own unique trading strategy, save and increase your deposit,
while enjoying Smooth Trading!

“Small losses are a part of the game.
Major losses can kick you out of the game!"

So, do not hesitate to connect to the Risk Manager
and start minimizing your losses today!

Connect to Risk Manager today!