Viktor Makeeu: tilt and re-entry technique

Re-entry technique and how to not turn a trading idea into a tilt. Victor Makeeu’s webinar

 11-09-2019   Gerchik & Co

In this webinar, an expert at Gerchik & Co Viktor Makeeu explained how to re-enter correctly and when to stop

Viktor Makeeu: trailing stop and breakeven

Trailing stop and breakeven. Working with statistics. Webinar by Viktor Makeeu

 30-08-2019   Gerchik & Co

Webinar by Viktor Makeeu, in which he shared valuable knowledge that will help to profitably trade in financial markets

Stop loss types. Viktor Makeeu

Stop loss types and placement techniques. Viktor Makeeu’s webinar

 19-07-2019   Gerchik & Co

Victor Makeeu's webinar on what a stop loss. Example illustrating calculation of risk from stop loss order


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