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The best TIMA-managers of Gerchik & Co talk in a closed chat


Dear TIMA-managers of Gerchik & Co, present and future!

A special chat is created and opened for you where you can communicate with one another, but above all to get Alex Gerchik’s personal support.

A weekly webinar like a “feedback session” with Alex Gerchik would be held for you, managers, where you will get the market analysis, receive relevant recommendations and other necessary information.

To join the chat and become a member of the successful trader’s community, first of all, you should be an actual TIMA manager of Gerchik & Co. Only in this case you would receive a letter to your e-mail with an invitation link to the chat. Important! It’s forbidden to give the invitation link to the persons who are not TIMA managers of Gerchik & Co. A member who gives the link to the third persons would be excluded of the chat.