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MetaTrader 4 by Gerchik & Co

MetaTrader 4 trading terminal is a user-friendly functional platform designed for Forex trading. The majority of traders around the globe opt for it, since it has all of the features needed to trade Forex instruments and CFDs, namely technical analysis, order execution, online news, market indicators, advisers and many others.

There is no need to look for and install any additional software. The terminal already provides all of the tools you can possibly need. After having installed this software, you can proceed straight to trading.

Download MetaTrader 4 trading platform on Gerchik & Co website to trade Forex and make profit.

To start trading at Forex you have to: create a personal account, open a deposit for trading and download MT4 terminal and install it.

Why is MetaTrader 4 so convenient to trade with

This platform provides the trader with all of the required information for making a detailed market analysis, as well allowing to make all types of trades and implement any strategy.

MetaTrader 4 terminal offers high-speed operation and hassle-free switching between the menu items, since all of the features are within easy reach. Comprehensible charts and tables are available.

The trading process is simple and enjoyable. The trader does not have to worry about facing any issues and can fully concentrate on the trades and make maximum profit.

MT4 terminal offers:

  • Simple user-friendly interface. Quick analysis of the market situation and instant execution of trades.
  • Wide range of instruments: currencies, indices, raw materials, metals and stocks.
  • All kinds of trades, including immediate execution.
  • Interbank liquidity allowing to make trades at the best market price.
  • Free set of trading indicators and advisors.
  • Work with market and pending orders.
  • Market analysis on various timeframes.
  • Strong information protection when registering the trader’s trade.Full confidentiality.
  • News online – major market events.
  • Possibility to adjust MT4 platform to your trading system. You don’t have to waste a ton of time looking for the signals on the chart manually. Simply preset MetaTrader terminal by means of MQL4 coding language and get trading signals for your own strategy.
  • Possibility to create and add other indicators to the terminal, including for options and futures market. This provides extra information for decision-making purposes, helping to figure out further development of the situation and price movement direction.

MetaTrader terminal for Forex trading is compatible with any device – you can download and install it on PC, tablet or Android platform.

The terminal already has standard indicators and is ready for trading upon downloading and installation. The standard set includes popular indicators designed for Forex market analysis and helping to identify the trend, predicting the price movement and finding favorable entry points.

Download MT4 trading platform charge-free and trade profitably and conveniently with Gerchik & Co!

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We offer more than the traditional Forex. We offer innovations, comfort and reliability.

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