Algorithmic trading

Algorithmic Trading: More Profit, Less Effort

Nowadays, automated trading is among the keytrends. Its popularity keeps increasing which is not so much a tribute to fashion, but ratherpresents an efficient solution, since the trading robot can deal with a variety of market situations and respond to them instantaneously.

The use of a Forex robot allows to spend less time on trading than you normally do, while making more money.

What Is Algo-Trading

Algorithmic trading also known as algo-trading is a form of trading in Forex and other financial markets by using robots.

The robot for trading is a software solution, at the heart of which is a proven strategy that factors in every subtle aspect of the trade (opening and closing terms, stop loss and take profit, risks, etc.). Once the robot has been setup, it trades automatically and independently from the trader while observing the indicated terms.

Advantages Offered by the Robot

It becomes much easier to trade. Create a strategy, enter its parameters in the software and the trading robot will execute them accurately, acting according to the system included in it. Meanwhile, the trader can sit back, reap profits, evaluate the effectiveness of the trading system and make relevant adjustments when needed.

Benefits of the algorithmic trading:

1. Accuracy. The software won’t get the numbers wrong or make errors in calculations.
2. Speed. The robot for trading is able to open dozens and hundreds of orders in a matter of seconds, make instant decisions about whether to enter or leave the market, while analyzing several price charts simultaneously, etc. Such a high operational speed will allow you to make more profit than by manual trading.
3. No emotion. The software won’t violate the strategy or overstay the position, having succumbed to emotions. It won’t make mistakes being controlled by the fear or greed.
4. Performance. The robot for trading knows no exhaustion. It is able to keep trading 24/7 without breaks and weekends.
5. Scalability. Forex robot is able to handle several tens and even hundreds of tools all at the same time. You can make changes to the software setting, add assets, markets, etc.
6. Time saver. Trades are made through the use of the trading robot, meanwhile the trader can get some rest or do something else instead.

Naturally, algorithmic trading has its own drawbacks which include the following:

1. Complexity of writing a program. It will make sense to rely on a professional for this.
2. No flexibility. Forex robot is unable to analyze the market in a critical manner. You will have to re-examine and adjust the trading system on a regular basis.
3. A robot for trading can only perform technical analysis. Fundamental one is done by the trader.
4. Possibility of program malfunction.

That being said, the drawbacks listed above are not critical, since the software has way more advantages to it!

Algorithmic trading increases the profit-making opportunities, offers the trader time and room for maneuver, while making the trading process a lot more efficient and comfortable.

Forex robots are an excellent choice for everyone who cannot or doesn’t wish to spend all day trading, yet aims to earn maximum profit.

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09.12.2016    Gerchik & Co

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