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If you aim to make profit in the Forex market while being offered the best trading terms, we have just what you have been searching for.

Gerchik & Co is so much more than just a broker. We provide you with not only a formal access to the Forex trading, but also excellent customer care and assistance every step of the way.

If you are dreaming about trading that generates high income and wish to earn in real Forex, we will help to turn this dream into a reality:

  • The newbies are taken all the way from the start from scratch to the stable profit.
  • The experienced traders are offered favorable trading terms, as well as the services which will boost the profits.

Forex market will now become simple and clear for you, while getting the profits will be just a regular thing.

The traders who trade with Gerchik & Co

  • Receive daily analytical reviews from the company’s experts.
  • Use unique indicators designed to simplify market analysis.
  • Enable services which offer additional trading advantages: Algorithm Developer intended for creation and testing of the trading system. Trader’s Statistics which keeps track of the trades automatically. An essential tool to analyze trading with and identify mistakes. Risk Manager which limits the risks and losses is every trader’s ‘right hand’ in the real Forex trading.

The result is profit and success!


Benefits of trading with us

  • Reliability. We are the member of the Financial Commission (FinaCom PLC LTD). Additional security guarantees for the clients and payment of indemnities.
  • Best tools for efficient trading which are the first choice among the professionals.
  • Favorable trading terms – even bigger opportunities for growth in income.

Open an account in Forex market with Gerchik & Co to trade and embark on the path to the profit today! Success in real Forex is waiting for you!

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Analytics is the main trader’s work tool. A well thought out analytics is key to successful trading. Here at Gerchik & Co each trader receives regular market analysis from the famous trader expert – Alex Gerchik!
Observe, compare, analyze, get profits!
Get help from experienced traders!

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Unique serves of GERCHIK & CO

We offer more than the traditional Forex. We offer innovations, comfort and reliability.

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All you need for quality trading!

The trader and the «Risk Manager» – is a technological tandem working towards results!

Gerchik & Co developed a super service – Risk Manager. The main goal of this software is to protect the client’s deposit in those moments, when the trader is about to lose control over the situation and make a wrong decision.

This software is embedded into the terminal, and the trader can set up the level of loses independently. But all decisions about opening or closing of transactions are made automatically by the the Risk Manager.

Alex Gerchik! The Successful Traders Secrets.