VPS-server for Forex: practical, accessible, dynamic.

Sophisticated technologies and Forex – two inseparable concepts, both aimed at the same result: to make the trading comfortable and profitable!

VPS-server (Virtual Personal Server) is an essential tool for anyone who came to the stock market in a big way and for long. Our company offers VPS for leasing with efficient rates, and its technical parameters are preset specifically for Forex.

Technical parameters
Processor (CPU) 2 core (3,5 GHz)
Memory (RAM) 2 Gb
Hard Drive (HDD) 10 Gb
Network Traffic Up to 1 Gb, unlimited
OS Windows Server 2012 DataCenter
Rates, dollars/month
Clients of Gerchik & Co 30
Clients of Gerchik & Co with PLATINUM status FREE
Everyone, who are not company’s clients 50

What tasks does VPS perform?

The trader connects to the virtual server online, together with all the programmes and services he is using on daily bases. After all successful setting ups are done, you can disconnect, however working processes of advisors do not stop even when the PC is off.

  1. Uninterrupted trading process.
    The trader is protected from an unexpected power cut, internet connection failure or accumulator discharge of working gadgets. Thus the trader won’t lose control over the situation and can render decisions in time.
  2. 24/7 access from anywhere in the world.
    The virtual server is constantly working and it is not limited geographically to a certain location.
  3. Safety and security of uploaded data.
    A necessary condition when several people are using the computer. The data is recorded and saved, so the trader is secured from unexpected data loss because of someone else’s fault.
  4. An option to combine a number of terminals simultaneously.
    When using VPS you are able to use several terminals at the same time, which can be difficult to do on the same computer. Thus having all data in the same place lets you completely concentrate on trading and leads to success.
  5. High working efficiency of the computer.
    When all of the great data volume is stored at the virtual server, your OC capabilities are not limited, instead they are increased.

All of these advantages make the VPS-server a very handy tool for successful trading. It helps the trader to see the Forex from another angle – as infinite possibilities of income!