Trader’s statistics – objective analytics in real time online

Trader’s statistics is an updated version of a trader’s diary. It has the original purpose, plus now it has the ability to easily records all trades and trading analysis, as everything is performed online and the functionality became broader.

Why Trader’s Statistics is a smart diary of trades?

The main aim of this service is to perform a trading analysis, independently from its type. The analytics is formed as a result of trading data processing. This information can be sorted by specific parameters afterwards. This fast-formed analytics is presented in a convenient form, which helps to understand and absorb the information.

The service automatically records all performed actions of the trading day, while the trader might forget to do this or might miss them out. This leaves for the trader only one task – to objectively analyze the trading, to have an unbiased understanding on his/her strengths and weaknesses.

Individuality is the main feature of this service. During analysis these aspects are taken into account: specific trading strategy, behaviour pattern and trading dynamics. Thus the analytical process is thorough, fundamental, efficient.

Functionality and features

Online diary from Gerchik & Co company is a set of specifically chosen graph data (tables, diagrams) in analytical sections, intended for sorting under preset filters.

Trading results, which are inserted automatically or manually, lead to form the statistics and further analysis.

First method, automatic – uploading of data from the trading platform or trader’s report. Second method, manual – data is inserted by the trader through the deals editing section.

After the transactions download, data processing algorithms create deals. Analytical graphs – tables and diagrams – are based upon these deals. And the operations themselves are displayed as input-output, and their parameters can be grouped, summed up, compared.

Values of deals is the basis for forming stock market indexes. Intellectual filters, present in each analytical group, reflect positive and negative trading moments, they also allow to forecast the result in case one of the sections is missing.

What can be analyzed?

To generate a comprehensive and proper analytics the trader has access to 77 graphs and diagrams, 37 numerical indexes, 21 consolidation tables, which help to analyze the trading objectively and thoroughly. As a result you get an automatically generated report in a matter of seconds.

The service has these functions:

  • Data analysis with preset parameters: time frames, financial tools sector.
  • Visualization of results: trading style, traded volume, position’s input and output methods, position’s direction and size, trading strategy.
  • Forming the deposit profitability and results.
  • Analytics of free trading results and performed operations.
  • Ability to add personal statistics. The filter helps to eliminate consistent patterns. The trader is able to see the further trading direction: positive or negative.
  • Ability to have a personal diary, with records of the psychoemotional state during trading

And this list is not complete, these are just the main features. Automatic «Trader’s Statistics»* is a trustworthy analytics which is always at hand!

* The service is available for free for 1 year period, when the account is deposited with $1000.

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