Trader’s statistics – objective analytics in real time online

Trader’s Statistics is an improved Trader’s Diary. Thanks to upgraded features and available online recording, you’ll be able to perform quality analysis of your trades, thus making them more profitable!

Why trader’s statistics – is it a smart trade log

Analysis of the trades is a magical tool designed to perfect the trading system. However, when it comes to real life, the trader oftentimes forgets to make relevant notes about the orders, thus losing essential information.

The trader’s online log addresses this problem once and for all! All of the trades are recorded in the Forex trader’s diary automatically. The data are then processed, sorted and presented in an easy-to-understand way. This process is done in a matter of seconds.

Trading diary ensures individual approach to each customer. In the course of trade analysis, your personal trading strategy, trade dynamics and behavior patterns are factored in. Subsequently, you get a more extensive fundamental data which improve your trading performance. This is the best way to take a look at oneself from an outside perspective.

Using the strategy tester, you can evaluate:

  • overall profitability;
  • percentage of profitable and unprofitable trades;
  • short/long position ratio;
  • order entry/exit methods.

Trader’s statistics: Features and peculiarities

What is the Trader’s Statistics? This is a set of tables and diagrams with an option to sort and change parameters. It includes both automatically generated data and information entered manually e.g. comments on position or its unbiased evaluation. This helps the trader to feel confident when using the diary, whereas the analysis quality gets improved.

Information from the trading platform and the broker’s report is entered into the log automatically. It also has a built-in trade editor This is needed for individual data entry.

The trader’s trading diary allows comparing and organizing the trades according to specific parameters. Learn which positions generate the biggest profit and which send the deposit down the drain! Create your own recipe for success and use it to get the income.

What can be analyzed

To work out full and seamless analytics, the software offers you:

  • 21 summary table;
  • 37 digital indicators;
  • 77 charts and diagrams.

Every little detail of your trading strategy is under control!

Trader’s trading log includes:

  • Quality information analysis according to pre-set parameters. These are the timeframes, financial instruments etc.
  • Performance evaluation of the strategies and capital management.
  • Trade dynamics. Evaluate your trading style, traded volume, strategy, market entry and exit methods, position direction, as well as lot size.
  • Generation of profitability results.
  • Possibility to add own statistics. With its help, the trader will be able to analyze the way his or her trade changes a lot easier.
  • Available option allowing to keep a personal log where the trader can work on own emotional state.

This is hardly a full list of all possibilities offered by the service. These are only its basic features. Use trustworthy analytics which is right at your fingertips!

* Trader’s Statistics shall be available for free use for a period of 1 year, provided that the account is replenished for $1,000.

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