TIMA service

Gerchik & Co team developed a unique TIMA service for investors and managers. It allows to get passive income, but with strict risk management rules.

TIMA account stands for Trusted Investments Management Account. It’s a type of trading account, which allows you to receive passive income after you invest your own funds in it.

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Distribution of quotas for manager and investor


Risk Manager

Risk Manager software stands as a warranty for those situations, when everything runs out of control – the program blocks the trader, so that he/she is unable to make decisions regarding opening/closing of deals.


The manager open a TIMA account, sets conditions for investors and starts trading for his/her funds.


Investors can see the manager’s work performance indicators in TIMA accounts ranking. Afterwards they can decide about investing their funds.


Trading at a TIMA-account is performed by a successful manager, whom you can choose yourself, based on the assumption of his/her experience of trades at the world finance markets and the conditions of income distribution. Apart from your funds, manager’s own funds are involved in trading too, thus the manager will work at the maximum performance level to ensure stable income.

If you are interested in passive income, TIMA service is exactly what you need. You don’t have to trade yourself to get profits from Forex, all you need is to find an experienced and successful manager and invest in him! Entrusting your capital to a trader with successful trading experience, you open up vast possibilities for passive income from trading operations at financial markets by means of professional handling of your funds.

TIMA work approach

A trader creates a special «manager» account, where he/she deposits own funds. Results of his/her trade are analysed by the system, and then shown in the open access — in managers ranking. The manager also creates an option contract, where all investor collaboration conditions are stated. This option contract includes the manager’s profit interest to be transferred to the manager’s account as a reward for funds management.

Manager’s option contract

TIMA account is automatically connected to the «Risk-Manager», which limits losses according to limits stated by the manager in the option contract.

Gerchik & Co does not take part in the process of funds management, invested to TIMA accounts by clients. Always keep in mind, that past results of the manager do not guarantee the same results in the future.

It should be noted that payments between the manager and the investor are determined by the equity difference at the moment of investment beginning and trading period closing (equity – the sum of funds at the current period).

Important! The investor must obligatory study the terms of money management, offered by manager before the conclusion of the trust agreement. Sign the contract if you agree with the stated terms and conditions only. This will help you to avoid a dispute between the investor and the manager in the future.

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