Investing in TIMA Accounts: How to Make Money in Forex Market Without Trading

For all those wishing to manage their time and money profitably, Gerchik & Co offers a handy TIMA service designed for trust management. It is similar to popular PAMMaccount, allowing to make profit in the Forex market without having to trade.

You transfer the funds in trust management of an experienced trader. Using the said funds, he or she trades in Forex market and generates the profit. The trader then transfers a portion of profit to you, while withholding the remaining funds as a fee charged for his or her services.

How profitable are TIMA accounts

Basically, profitability depends on the manager. Experienced managers demonstrate 100-300% profitability. The figures may vary depending on the market environment: the market phase, current trendetc.

Benefits of investing in TIMA accounts

It is safe and profitable to invest in TIMA account. Risks and possible losses are limited. The manager is personally interested in making profits, since his/her funds are used in trades along with yours. So, the manager strives to ensure efficient money management and increased profitability.

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Here’s an example illustrating how the funds are distributed on TIMA account

trust management tima by Gerchik & Co

Risk Manager

Risk Manager software stands as a warranty for those situations, when everything runs out of control – the program blocks the trader, so that he/she is unable to make decisions regarding opening/closing of deals.


The manager open a TIMA account, sets conditions for investors and starts trading for his/her funds.


Investors can see the manager’s work performance indicators in TIMA accounts ranking. Afterwards they can decide about investing their funds.


The higher the profitability demonstrated by the manager, the more investors will be willing to invest in his/her TIMA account.

Benefits of Trust Management

  • Consistent income.You do not need to have any specific educational background or knowledge of financial markets. Simply pick a manager who will expertly make money for you instead.

  • Affordability, simple way to start. The minimum deposit is $100.

  • Protection against risks. Risk Manager designed to help the manager to minimize the risks is connected to TIMA account. In case the losses start to increase and are about to go beyond a certain threshold due to a complicated situation, the trading process shall be stopped automatically, which keeps the investor’s money safe. Losses do not exceed a preset threshold.

  • Personally choose the profit and risk amount. You transfer your funds in trust management of a trader whose trading style you are happy with. You can either opt for a trader with an aggressive trading style and high risks and expect high profitability, or a trader with a conservative trading style, in which case the profitability is lower, but so are the risks.

  • Staying in touch with the manager. You can ask questions and get detailed explanations about what is happening on the account.

  • Control over the investments. The funds can be withdrawn from the deposit only by the investor himself/herself.

  • Trade transparency and security. The invested funds are used for your benefit only – they are involved in Forex trades and generate profit. The funds are not used to finance any other clients. Gerchik & Co’s clearance account is in a European bank.

How TIMA account works

The procedure is quite simple:

  1. An experienced trader opens a TIMA account, then transfers own funds to it and proceeds with Forex trading.

  2. The system analyzes the trades automatically, determining the manager’s place in the ranking.

  3. The manager draws up a Public Offer Contract, outlining terms and conditions for cooperation with investors, namely fees charged for the services, minimum size of investment etc.

  4. The investor checks out the ranking and picks the manager that he/she finds suitable.

  5. A contract is then signed between the manager and the investor. The investor transfers the funds in trust management i.e. transfers them to the TIMA account, and the manager uses them to make the trades. The trader makes profits. A portion thereof is withdrawn by the latter as a fee for his/her services, whereas the remaining money belongs to the investor.

Why is it better to invest in TIMA accounts rather than in PAMM accounts

  • The risks are strictly limited for TIMA account. PAMM account does not offer the same thing, since you are fully dependent on the decisions made by the manager who can spin out of control in the trading process and lose the entire deposit.

  • It is much easier to invest in TIMA. All you have to do is transfer the funds to your account, sit back and receive the profit. By contrast, investing all of the funds in a single PAMM account is quite risky – you have to personally diversify the risks.

How to choose TIMA account

Examine the TIMA accounts ranking thoroughly. It provides all of the needed information, such the profitability schedule, drawdown, balance of funds and trading period. Pick a manager whose trading performance you find suitable in every respect.

Invest in TIMA accounts and receive the profit effortlessly without having to do anything! This is a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution allowing everyone to make money in Forex. Experienced managers at Gerchik & Co will ensure high profitability.

PLEASE NOTE! Before transferring the money to the TIMA account, carefully read the manager’s Offer Contract stipulatinginvestment and profit distribution terms and conditions. If they do not meet your requirements, you canopt for another account.

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