«Risk-manager» service
Future technologies in trader’s everyday work.

«Risk-manager» – a special software designed to control and limit risks, in order to minimize losses during trading or to prevent total loss of the deposit. For Gerchik & Co clients this service is completely free.

This software can be easily called a personal unbiased trader’s assistant. This robot has no human emotions. It can perform cold calculations, during carrying out of comprehensive control for potential losses, exactly in those moments, when a trader loses his/her ability to evaluate the situation rationally, and under the pressue of greed or fear violates the trading strategy, and as result makes mistakes and suffers damages.

Software developers, taking their trading experience into account, managed to create a perfect complete algorithm, capable of protecting the trader from unexpected emotions, and helping to strictly follow the chosen strategy.

There are special parameters in order to perform appropriate control of risks. They can be adjusted according to the chosen TS.

Instructions on how to connect the Risk-manager to the TIMA account.

Main parameters and functions of the service

Risks, %
For 1 day Regulates the risk amount during 1 trading day
For daily income Defines the risk for received daily income
For 1 month Defines the risk rate for 1 month
Quantity of negative trades
Maximum per day Stops the trading after performing the set quantity of negative deals during 1 trading day
Maximum per week Complete disconnection of the trading function after the violation of the preset parameter

When using this software, the trader builds his professional career based upon main principles of risk-management. It becomes possible because the following processes are automated:

  • Limits deposit losses during specific time frames (day, week, month)
  • Limits losses within the scope of a specific open position, using StopLoss order
  • Regulates the lot volume within each separate deal
  • Stops trading in the case of drawdown or if a series of negative deals occur during a specific period of time

Control emotions, safeguard yourself from losses and get profits together with this unique “Risk-manager” service from Gerchik & Co!

Important! The investor must obligatory study the terms of money management, offered by manager before the conclusion of the trust agreement. Sign the contract if you agree with the stated terms and conditions only. This will help you to avoid a dispute between the investor and the manager in the future.

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