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DESIGNED FOR TRADERS WISHING TO IMPROVE THEIR TRADING STRATEGIES, REAL MARKET VOLUME, MARKET PROFILE INDICATOR INTRODUCED BY GERCHIK & CO DISPLAYS VOLUMES FROM THE CHICAGO MERCANTILE EXCHANGE (CME). A lot of financial market experts claim that the volume is primary, whereas the price is secondary. You will be able to see this, using brand-new product, Real Market Volume indicator by Gerchik & Co.

Real Market Volume is going to provide you with the following:

  • Increase of likelihood of the deal’s successful outcome up to 53 %
  • Clear picture of support and resistance levels.
  • Precise understanding of big Forex players positioning.
  • Efficiency improvement of any trading strategy up to 43.5 %.
  • Profitability of the trading strategy up to 63 % per month.


Forex is a range-bound market, where the trades are made by the buyers and sellers within a certain price range, and the trading volumes are redistributed as a result of confrontation between the buyers and sellers.

Real Market Volume Indicator demonstrates the ratio between the price for a specific instrument and volume traded for a certain time period in the form of horizontal bar chart. The Indicator is easy-to-use and has flexible settings.

Accurate interpretation of splashes displayed on the volume bar chart will help identify the value area which is a top-priority for big players. Knowing where large volumes are, the trader will be able to make the most efficient and profitable trading decisions.

Real Market Volume Indicator allows you to:

  • See the areas of large capital concentration.
  • See the balance and imbalance in positioning of the big Forex players.
  • Avoid low-quality market entries by filtering off weak points on the price chart.
  • Pinpoint the trend and its strength.
  • Identify support and resistance areas with high degree of precision.
  • Integrate Indicator into any trading system and boost its efficiency by several times

Real Market Volume Forex indicator is intended to improve your trading, cut down time expenditure and increase your trading profits at the stock exchange.

Connect Indicator to your terminal and reach new trading heights with Gerchik & Co!

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