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We offer more than the traditional Forex. We offer innovations, comfort and reliability.

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Successful Forex trading is a result of trader’s efforts and the use of technological innovations developed by a team of professionals at Gerchik & Co.

We have come up with unique services for the traders which bring together the latest innovations and long-term experience of our experts. These Forex services will create the most comfortable trading conditions, help you make the right decision in any situation, avoid risks and improve financial performance day by day.

Customers at Gerchik & Co are able to use all our trading software free of charge because we do care about you!

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Forex tools offered by Gerchik & Co


Real Market Volume, Horizontal Volume Indicator. Keep your finger on the pulse of the market!

Trade entry and exit signals are the most valuable information for the trader. In order to find a strong and accurate signal, you have to put a lot of time and and effort into thorough analysis of quotations.

However, there’s a better and easier solution – use the innovative Real Market Volume indicator demonstrating the areas where the big players accumulare trading volume.

Place the indicator on the chart and you will be able to easily:

  • see trend’s direction and strength;
  • accurately identify the moment when the market trend changes;
  • find relevant resistance and support areas;
  • achieve over 50% trading profitability.




Risk Manager -trusted assistant which will keep your deposit safe!


Would you like to trade Forex confidently under the guidance of an expert who will be giving you tips on how to effectively manage the capital, while handling all the risks for you? With Risk Manager brought to you by Gerchik & Co, turning this dream into reality is possible!

We have designed a trader’s tool that will help you have control over the situation at all times, even when emotions take over and you no longer follow the rules of your own trading strategy. The software will limit the losses automatically, letting you achieve stable successful outcome, trade after the trade.

Risk Manager’s features:

  • limiting the trading risks throughout the day;
  • profit taking for a day/month;
  • controlling the maximum number of unprofitable positions per day/week;
  • locking in the trades.

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Trader’s statistics

Trader’s Statistics -comprehensive trading approach and unbiased analysis of the strategy!

Continuous work on oneself is the key to successful trading. Trader’s Statistics, a service designed by professionals at Gerchik & Co is an advanced trader’s diary where you can enter all of your trades made over the course of the day.

This tool is easy to use and includes charts, diagrams, tables and digital markers of trade efficiency evaluation. The analytics will be ready in just a couple of minutes after you enter the data!

Use Trader’s Statistics in order to:

  • analyze your trading on a regular basis;
  • identify the strengths and weaknesses of the strategy and analyze mistakes;
  • evaluate your knowledge and skills in an unbiased manner;
  • constantly improve your professionalism.

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Algorithm Developer

Algorithm Developer – your reliable compass on the path towards stable profit!

A trading algorithm outlines all the steps which must be taken in order to achieve success in Forex.

Creating such an algorithm single-handedly may pose a certain problem even for experienced traders. To address that, we have created unique software for traders that automatically generates a clear algorithm based on your trading strategy.

What does Algorithm Developer take into consideration?

  • all external factors having an impact on the trade;
  • psychological aspects of trading;
  • prep-work before entering the market;
  • expectations and risks per each trade;
  • trader’s behavior in unforeseen situations.

This service will help you earn more based on your strategy and will make your income much more stable!

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Algorithm Developer

TIMA account

TIMA account – smart and safe investment in Forex


TIMA service was specifically designed for those wishing to make money in Forex not by trading independently, but thought investment.

This is so much more than a regular PAMM account, since Risk Manager controls the managing traders’ work.

You can be sure that the investment risks won’t exceed the permitted level which you have preset and you will be able to make money safely and steadily.

For Investor:

  • reliable investment with minimum risks;
  • profit without having to put extra time and effort;
  • constantly updated TIMA Accounts Ranking.

For Manager:

  • next step in a career path of a professional trader;
  • remuneration – commission fee for efficient and successful investment management.

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Use all of the Forex tools offered to you by Gerchik & Co to take your trading to the next level and make money like a pro!