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Schedule of Gerchik & Co on trading instruments in May

Work of Gerchik & Co

Dear Clients!

Below is a graph of the work of Gerchik & Co on all tools during the May holidays.

SymbolMonday 22nd MayThursday 25th MaySymbolMonday 29th May Memorial DayTuesday 30th May
CanadianAscension Day
Victoria Day
FXNormal HoursNormal HoursFXNormal HoursNormal Hours
FX MetalsNormal HoursNormal HoursFX MetalsCloses 20:00Normal Hours
AUS_200Normal HoursNormal HoursAUS_200Normal HoursNormal Hours
CAN_60ClosedNormal HoursCAN_60Normal HoursNormal Hours
ESP_35Normal HoursNormal HoursESP_35Normal HoursNormal Hours
EUR_50Normal HoursNormal HoursEUR_50Normal HoursNormal Hours
FRA_40Normal HoursNormal HoursFRA_40Normal HoursNormal Hours
GBR_100Normal HoursNormal HoursGBR_100ClosedNormal Hours
GER_30Normal HoursNormal HoursGER_30Normal HoursNormal Hours
GER_M50Normal HoursNormal HoursGER_M50Normal HoursNormal Hours
GER_T30Normal HoursNormal HoursGER_T30Normal HoursNormal Hours
IND_50Normal HoursNormal HoursIND_50Normal HoursNormal Hours
JPN225Normal HoursNormal HoursJPN225Closes 20:00Normal Hours
NAS100Normal HoursNormal HoursNAS100Closes 20:00Normal Hours
NED_25Normal HoursNormal HoursNED_25Normal HoursNormal Hours
NOR_25Normal HoursClosedNOR_25Normal HoursNormal Hours
SPX500Normal HoursNormal HoursSPX500Closes 20:00Normal Hours
SUI_20Normal HoursClosedSUI_20Normal HoursNormal Hours
US30Normal HoursNormal HoursUS30Closes 20:00Normal Hours
US_SMCAP_2KNormal HoursNormal HoursUS_SMCAP_2KCloses 20:00Normal Hours
ZAF_40Normal HoursNormal HoursZAF_40Normal HoursNormal Hours
CopperNormal HoursNormal HoursCopperCloses 20:00Normal Hours
CL_BRENTNormal HoursNormal HoursCL_BRENTCloses 20:30Normal Hours
NGASNormal HoursNormal HoursNGASCloses 20:00Normal Hours
USOILNormal HoursNormal HoursUSOILCloses 20:00Normal Hours
EUR_BOBLNormal HoursNormal HoursEUR_BOBLNormal HoursNormal Hours
EUR_BUNDNormal HoursNormal HoursEUR_BUNDNormal HoursNormal Hours
EUR_BUXLNormal HoursNormal HoursEUR_BUXLNormal HoursNormal Hours
EUR_SCHANormal HoursNormal HoursEUR_SCHANormal HoursNormal Hours
UK_GILTNormal HoursNormal HoursUK_GILTClosedNormal Hours
COCOA (Cocoa Bulk Bean (UK) Cash)Normal HoursNormal HoursCOCOA (Cocoa Bulk Bean (UK) Cash)ClosedNormal Hours
COFF_ARABNormal HoursNormal HoursCOFF_ARABClosedNormal Hours
COFF_ROBNormal HoursNormal HoursCOFF_ROBClosedNormal Hours
COTTONNormal HoursNormal HoursCOTTONClosedNormal Hours
ORANGE_JUICNormal HoursNormal HoursORANGE_JUICClosedNormal Hours
SUGAR_RAWNormal HoursNormal HoursSUGAR_RAWClosedNormal Hours
SUGAR_WNormal HoursNormal HoursSUGAR_WClosedNormal Hours
US_COCOANormal HoursNormal HoursUS_COCOAClosedNormal Hours

Time corresponds to time of the MT4 server (GMT + 3).

Note: Is trading hours of Gerchik & Co are set in accordance with time when reference markets are opened, or when liquidity providers reduce prices.

On holidays, when referential markets do not work, Gerchik & Co indices will be closed for trading.

Note! You can not change or close existing positions or open new ones if one of the tools, that are used in them, is closed.

If you have any questions, please, mail to us: support@gerchikco.com.

With best wishes,
Gerchik & Co.