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Risk Manager by Gerchik & Co: TOP 5 Updates

New Risk Manager by Gerchik & Co

Dear customers

We are pleased to announce that our software solution Risk Manager available for all clients of the company will be upgraded starting from December 1, 2018. Add even more accounts in order to have control over the most situations in the market.

Read the information down below to find out what has changed in the software script.

Risk Manager for Forex: TOP 5 upgrades

Trading Forex goes hand in hand with the risks. However, keeping them to a minimum is very much possible! The key is to do this constantly. So, given the dynamic nature of the market, the developers at Gerchik & Co have upgraded Risk Manager:

1. The service gets activated automatically by slightest quote movements. This ensures a reliable Forex risk management without order execution being slowed down.
2. Risk Manager gets activated only when position is closed. The service ensures high order execution speed. In case of high volatility, even a split second can matter in terms of the trading outcome. We have made sure that the time works in your favor!
3. Add even more accounts and orders. 10 times more positions or TIMA accounts. Make the most out of the market and trade Forex risk-free!
4. Risk Manager makes even more precise calculations. This is especially vital when there are many open positions where every tick has to be factored in.
5. Ensures even higher level of protection of your accounts. The bugs identified in the earlier version have been fixed.

Why Risk Manager

Up to 90 % of newbie traders lose their first deposit, and only then they come to realize how crucial money management in Forex is.
What can we conclude from this? The risks should be managed before the situation becomes truly critical.

With Gerchik & Co, you can easily protect your account against the drawdowns. Once you replenish the deposit, you can enable Risk Manager service free of charge. This is the best Forex advisor, since with accurate setup it can control:

  • percentage of permitted risk throughout the trading day;
  • number of unprofitable trades per week;
  • drawdown limit per month etc.
  • Connect Risk Manager to each of your accounts and open even more profitable positions!

    Use this service as advisor for MT4 platform in order to limit the losses and boost the profits.

    Proceed to Personal Office to enable the service

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