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Registration for the Traders’ Contest Brought to You by Gerchik & Co Commenced

Trader’s Contest on Demo Accounts. Season 4

Attention! Gerchik & Co which hosts regular contests on demo accounts announces the commencement of a new season. Registration for the Contest’s Stage 4 has already started. Join the battle which can turn your life around!

Is it possible to make money in Forex risk-free?

Absolutely! Provided that you are able to show investors your trading skills. The best way to do this is to enter the contests on demo accounts. They are typically designed to find talented managers.

Prove that you are one of them!

What do you need for this

1. Sign up for Forex demo contests prior to January 14th, 2019.
2. Undergo verification in the company. In order to do this, you have to provide copies of the documents and wait for their verification.
3. Install the trading terminal and get virtual $10,000 on a demo account.
4. Make at least 10 trades prior to April 15th, 2019.

To pick the best of the best, experts will evaluate the following criteria:

  • maximum percentage of achieved profits;
  • size of the biggest drawdown during the time period of the Traders’ Contest.

And that’s it! There are nohidden terms and conditions. 55 participants who will show the best results will become the winners! The prizewinners shall be announced on April 18th. Each of them will receive $1,000 on TIMA account.

Learn more about TIMA account

Investment-free Forex: how to become a successful manager in just 3 months

Forex Contests offer a perfect chance to make a career as a manager without having to invest own funds. Gerchik & Co will do that for you! If anything, we know the true value of professionals.

To make it to the top of the contest ranking and receive $1,000, you have to actively trade and avoid large drawdowns. There are zero restrictions regarding the use of advisers and indicators, or the number of placed orders! You are free to trade the way you see fit. Result is what’s important!

That being said, even if you lack trading experience, you should still give Forex contest with prizes a shot. It provides a unique chance to test out the strategy, perfect own trading skills and become familiar with the trading terminal. On top of that, the competitive spirit will serve as an excellent motivation to work on yourself.

Don’t let the chance slip away! Join the ranks of the traders who have already registered for the contest. Perhaps, demo account contests will become your next big step in the world of great opportunities.

Sign up now to have enough time to prep for it properly. And may the odds be in your favour!

Before participating in the Contest, please carefully read terms and conditions.

Become a participant of the Contest