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Why doesn’t Gerchik & Co give bonuses and open bonus accounts for clients?

Gerchik & Co

Bonuses as a money reward are always pleasant for a client and are one of the ways to make him loyal. However, Gerchik & Co refused to use this practice originally developing the strategy of its activity. Our broker company has chosen other ways to attract traders and investors initially offering them fair trading conditions on Forex.

First of all, Gerchik & Co is an active STP-broker, so its profit consists of traded lot commission, it doesn’t get profit of client’s loss, but is directly interested in a larger number of his profitable transactions.

Secondly, bonuses have a negative impact on a trader’s psychoemotional behaviour, as virtual, but in crude terms, not own money on the account neutralizes a sense of threat. So, he cannot objectively estimate a potential risk degree. We are fully unanimous with the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) that has announced all bonus practices the broker use are going to be cancelled. In addition, the regulator notices the bonuses themselves are only an element of a large bonus system, as they are connected with other trading instruments designed to retain a client. Moreover, the mechanism of their activity couldn’t be called to be thoroughly honest. So, the brokers using bonus programs not always can act in the interests of client. Thus, Gerchik & Co does not use bonuses to make the clients loyal, but offers only fair conditions for profitable trading!