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GERCHIK & CO AFFILIATE PROGRAM — is a real opportunity for everyone to get an extra income and develop own business

The partnership with the broker means a cooperation in three directions:


Despite the chosen way each partner receives a commission out of transactions of the traders he attracted to Gerchik & Co.

Become a partner



The goals could be different: big and small ones. However, it would be faster to get them together with a reliable and competent partner.

What does Gerchik & Co offer to its partners?

  1.    A variety of affiliate programs where everyone could choose an appropriate form of business activity.
  2.    Profitable and transparent business arrangements.
  3.    A respectable income level.
  4.    Opportunities of promotion: from a blogger to manager of partner office.

If you are an entrepreneurially-inclined, ambitious and goal-oriented person, you will be a perfect business partner of Gerchik & Co forex broker. You are in a few steps from the new financial achievements and findings in the world of successful business.

Gerchik & Co company
affiliate programs

Partner agent

Internet partner

Regional partner


You are an organizer of the group in the social networks, forum administrator or blogger. You do not posses background knowledge about Forex, but you trust Gerchik & Co company as a professional and leader in this sphere.

You are an owner of website covering the issues of economy, finance, investment and online trading.

You are a trader (in the past or now) or highly interested in Forex and investments, so you are perfectly familiarized with Forex and have the customer database who associate their gain with trading.


Active groups in the social networks, profiles on forums and web communities, participants of which are highly interested in online earnings.

Working website with financial topics

Own office. Desirable but not essential a partner’s experience with other brokers.


Attract attention of perspective customers, positively reporting about Gerchik & Co company activity, cooperation benefits with it, possible prospects of earnings in the social networks, forums, blogs etc.

Advertise Gerchik & Co activity on own website, inform the visitors about the broker’s services, attract attention of visitors with the Company’s special offers and profitable propositions.

Organize a partner’s office work in accordance with the Company’s rules, carry out training events aiming to attract attention to the broker and favourable working terms with it.


Up to 40% of commission for each lot traded by lured customers, depending upon account type.


Every day

Every day

Every day

Choose your variant of affiliate program
and take obvious advantages :

  1. Earn as much as you see good. As you determine a level of income deciding on your own how much, where and when to work.
  2. Use Gerchik & Co company potential and opportunities for personal development and financial strength.
  3. Start business easily as you may become the company’s partner with minimum investments.
  4. Develop your business with professionals – each partner will be provided with the information support and assistance at all stages of cooperation.

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