Traders’ Contest on Demo Accounts Season 5 commenced at Gerchik & Co
The Contest on Demo Accounts Season 5 Commenced

Real market and real $1,000

Being very popular among Forex traders and having $55,000 prize fund, the Contest on Demo Accounts Season 5 hosted by Gerchik & Co started on November 1, 2019.

This season, 10 234 contestants have entered the trading competition in order to demonstrate top performance of their strategies and flawless trading algorithms.

The Contest on Demo Accounts Season 5

Special thing about Season 5

What makes the Contest Season 5 stand out from the other similar competitions is that the trading on demo accounts takes place in the live market.

It will be no easy ride this time: the contestants find themselves in the same position as the traders who trade with real deposit which means they will be trading live using virtual money.

Each contestant can put his or her strategy and skills to the test without risking own money.

Competition Rules

The rules are as easy as ABC:

  1. make at least 10 trades;
  2. avoid the drawdown that exceeds 20 %.

Within the framework of the Contest on Demo Accounts, each contestant has $10,000 in account that he or she will be trying to increase over the course of three months. The contestants may trade any assets available in Gerchik & Co trading terminal.

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What will the winners get

Gerchik & Co stays true to its traditions, and there will be again not one but 55 winners in the Traders’ Contest Season 5.

Each trader who makes it to the TOP 55 based on the Contest results will be credited $1,000 investment to his/her TIMA account by the company. This is an excellent launchpad for the career of a manager and offers the chance to maximize own profits.

We wish all of our contestants the best of luck in unlocking their fullest potential and proving themselves that they not only deserve to win the Contest on Demo Accounts but also win in the market every single day!

Trade, use free services and solutions offered by the company and make money!

Should you have any further questions, please contact our Support Desk and our experts will be happy to answer them.

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