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Viktor Makeyev’s Investment Academy

The tutorial project was developed by the Gerchik & Co traders and investors. Its prime objective is to provide you with financial knowledge and teach the investment fundamental principles

Completing training you will understand the efficient financial flow management is not a Chinese puzzle, but an interesting and dynamic process. And only you determine a level of profit. You choose a strategy, manage money and monitor your investment work and grow. As a result, you receive the very long-awaited financial independence.

  • Training in Viktor Makeyev’s Investment Academy

    Comfortable training form – 4 online lessons

  • Training in the Investment academy of financial expert Viktor Makeyev

    Expert speaker – Ph.D. in Economics, practicing trader on NYSE and Forex Viktor Makieiev

  • Training in Viktor Makeyev’s best Investment Academy

    Ready investment plan, ready for implementation

  • Best training in Viktor Makeyev’s Investment Academy

    Efficient training outcome – you will start investing just after the course completing

«No matter how hard you work, your money can work much better if only you invest it properly»

Robert Shemin

Don’t wait for a fair chance to receive the financial knowledge and understand the simple investment principles. As it may not come! Use the most right and reliable way to wealth now – a training of financial literacy and efficient money management.

Who conducts the training?

Viktor Makieiev is the head of the academy. He is a gifted, versatile personality, experienced specialist in the sphere of financial flow management. He defended a dissertation (subject “Investment and speculative portfolio of financial instruments”), took the Ph.D. in Economics degree. He publishes the articles in such well-regarded financials publications as “Russian enterprising”, “Science and business”, “Global scientific potential”.

Viktor Makieiev has a great experience of trading on NYSE and Forex, fruitfully cooperates with Gerchik & Co as a Forex partner, is a gifted manager providing a high working efficiency of subordinated structures and knowing oats of money management. Viktor Makieiev’s interests are much broader than the speculative sphere on Forex. He has developed own investment principles successfully examined in practice and is ready to share his financial knowledge now.

Investment Academy of financial expert Viktor Makeyev

He completed Alex Gerchik’s courses (in 2012). The gained knowledge on financial flow management, practical skills and support became the framework for the well-thought-out approach to trading. So, Viktor Makieiev is sure that an experienced mentor’s training and proven knowledge gaining save time and pains and protect from many mistakes. You have a unique opportunity to train in the very expert who has profound knowledge of the financial and investment world.

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