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TIMA accounts statistics is trustworthy information about traders activities provided in real time.
Data’s transparency and relevance give investors a reliable opportunity to see, how his/her money is working and how is it handled by the manager.

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TIMA account and TIMA service – what are they?

Broker’s transparency, safety of trades, expert managers!
We made investments clear for everyone. We blended basic principles of financial processes with advanced trading technologies. As a result we received best possible conditions for investors:

  • Consistent passive income

You don’t need any special knowledge or experience with Forex to become a successful investor with Gerchik & Co. All you have to do is to choose a reliable manager and invest minimum $100 into his TIMA account. Our up-to-date TIMA ranking will help you to make the right trader’s choice.

  • Reliable protection for capital investments.

Protection is provided by the unique TIMA service, based on strict risk-management. The main feature of our software is the client’s assurance, that risks stated in the option contract will not be violated.

  • Total control of investments.

Each investor chooses the profits level and the risk extent independently, and has the ability to contact the manager directly. Only the investor can withdraw the money.

  • Transparency of trades.

Investor’s money are not used for financing other clients’ trades. Gerchik & Co clearing account is located in the European bank.

Your money will work as profitably as you need them to.

Gerchik & Co – the future of Forex investments is in our hands!


Important! The investor must obligatory study the terms of money management, offered by manager before the conclusion of the trust agreement. Sign the contract if you agree with the stated terms and conditions only. This will help you to avoid a dispute between the investor and the manager in the future.