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The market offers plenty of investment options which include real estate, precious metals and shares. Are you wondering where to invest the money to get the highest return? Forex is a perfect niche for investing.

The international financial market with a daily turnover of $10 trillion offers practically infinite possibilities for capital growth. In order to make a decent profit in the currency market, you need to put a lot of effort into it, as well as acquire the essential knowledge and invaluable experience. However, if you wish to take an easier path and receive passive income, investing in Forex with Gerchik & Co is your best bet!

We have come up with a unique TIMA service which brings together traditions of professional investment and innovative approach. The best managing traders provide their services, and all you have to do is pick the investment style – conservative, moderate or aggressive – which works best for you.

What is TIMA service

TIMA service is trust management in a brand-new, more reliable design. Traditional PAMM accounts where both profit and risk depend solely on the manager’s activities are no longer relevant. Present-day trader wants convenience and reliability which our innovative service ensures.

Thanks to TIMA accounts, investing in Forex has become not only profitable, but also the most secure because the investor’s funds are managed not only by a professional trader, but are also controlled by cutting-edge risk management algorithm. Now you decide what risk-reward ratio you are comfortable with, and you can choose the manager who meets your requirements.

Advantages offered by TIMA accounts

1. Money management in your hands. You can opt for a manager with aggressive trading strategy if you are ready for large drawdowns and wish to make a lot of money quickly, or you can invest in conservative TIMA account which generates smaller but a more stable profit.

2. Risks are strictly controlled. Built-in service called the Risk Manager restricts trading automatically, so that neither the human-factor aspect in the manager’s operation, nor server’s malfunctions can affect your deposit.

3. Transparency of Forex investment. The TIMA accounts ranking contains all required information about every manager: account opening date and its balance, size of equity capital and investor’s funds, outcome regarding open positions, profitability indicators for different periods and many other features.

4. 24/7 funds withdrawal. You can feel at ease since you always have an access to your money! You can withdraw the invested funds at any time by simply filing a relevant request.

TOP5 TIMA accounts

The TIMA accounts ranking is always up-to-date and includes unbiased information about operation of all managing traders at Gerchik & Co in real-time mode.

Here you can pick a suitable manager and then monitor how efficient he or she is in managing your money.

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And here you can check out who today’s top leaders are:

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As you can see, investing is not that hard. Now you can become a part of the global financial market, invest profitably and get effortless profit!

How to become a manager

If you feel that you have a huge trading potential, excellent currency trading skills and can demonstrate stable profitability, you can try yourself as TIMA account manager.

You will be able to realize your potential as a professional trader and earn an extra commission on your investors’ profits.


Important! The investor must obligatory study the terms of money management, offered by manager before the conclusion of the trust agreement. Sign the contract if you agree with the stated terms and conditions only. This will help you to avoid a dispute between the investor and the manager in the future.