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Gerchik & Co Completed Certification of Execution Quality

The Financial Commission approved Gerchik & Co

Dear customers!

We are happy to announce that we have successfully completed execution certification from Verify My Trade (VMT). Now every trade made at Gerchik & Co can be examined under a microscope! Transparency and integrity remain our key priorities. We make sure that the orders are executed at the top level, since this is a guarantee of your financial stability.

Certification is done by independent Financial Commission. Verify My Trade is aimed at raising the standards of the Forex brokers and protect the interests of the traders. Within the framework thereof, each order is subject to thorough verification by independent experts who evaluate how fair the opening and closing prices are.

After getting verified, Gerchik & Co received a unique badge which only the best forex brokers get. Badge means that the FinaCom has checked and verified that the order execution quality meets international standards. The Commission checks the trades made on the platform on a regular basis and evaluates whether they are satisfactory.

The data are generated based on information collected from a huge number of companies. The Commission analyzes every tick on the platform and develops a summary price chart. Afterwards, the trades executed by certified broker are compared with the average figures in the market. Based on this comparison, the findings about order execution quality are delivered.

There are only 4 companies which got certified, and Gerchik & Co is one of them. This is a huge step for us! After all, the members of the Financial Commission are able to prove to the customers the quality and credibility of their operation by deed, not by word.

Only transparent order execution on the best terms. You can see for yourself that Gerchik & Co is truly a reliable Forex broker! Now trading with us has become even more transparent!

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