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Gerchik & Co – 3 Years of Quality Forex

Gerchik & Co turned 3 years

Dear customers!

Today, we would like to share a very special news with you all. Gerchik & Co is turning 3. Over this relatively short period of time, our team was able to achieve outstanding results. Traditionally, we are summarizing all that has been done over the past year. What have our traders and investors been provided with?

Over 250 new trading instruments

272 CFDs on stock have been added to MetaTrader 4 trading terminal which made trading of securities easier. Now, the traders don’t need to have a lot of funds or register on the stock exchange to be able to purchase potentially profitable stocks.

Aside from that, MetaTrader 4 trading terminal now includes cryptocurrencies pairs. So, profiting from volatility of bitcoin and other digital assets has become a lot more convenient.

Improved TIMA account mode

Gerchik & Co has connected a unique Risk Manager Service to every TIMA account which has been transferred into trust management.

The following software solution is designed to mitigate the risks and keep investors’ funds safe. It stops the trading automatically when the remaining amount of deposit funds is less than that indicated. There are no similar services like this in any other brokerage companies.

Favorable Forex trading terms

80 currency pairs, 312 CFDs, along with digital currencies have become available in MetaTrader 4 trading terminal.

The leverage sizes you can choose from range from 1:1 up to 1:100. With respect to many quotes, you can also trade with zero spreads.

Traders are offered to use automated services, such as Real Market Volume Indicator, Algorithm Developer intended for development of your own strategy and Risk Manager, in order to boost trading profitability.

New crediting and withdrawal options

Advanced Cash can now be used to replenish the deposit and withdraw the money. This is a licensed payment system with 35 types of currencies available, small commission fees and favorable exchange rates. The funds are credited instantaneously, whereas the account security in the system is considered equivalent to PCI DSS Level 3 compliance.

Digital currencies can be credited to the trading account as well. This feature became available after CoinGate payment gateway has been added. This is the processor for account replenishment in 53 digital assets.

The customers at Gerchik & Co have 17 crediting and withdrawal options to choose from. These include bank accounts, plastic payment cards, and e-payment systems.

Open a trading account

Training courses with result ensured

To get started in Forex and other financial markets quickly, you can choose training. The authors of the training courses are successful traders with 7+ years of trading experience.

Over 10 000 people have already completed training in trading and investment from scratch. Each of them was able to achieve stable profit and embark upon a Forex career.

Contests on Demo Accounts offering a chance to become a manager

The traders can show and put their trading skills to the test without having to replenish the deposit. With this aim in view, a contest is hosted annually. The best contestants are then determined based on achieved results.

Over the course of 3 years, 165 contestants have received $1,000 in trust management. They are making money both for themselves and investors.

About company founders

Alexander Gerchik, a high-profile trader who took Wall Street by storm after coming from Ukraine, is a founder and president at Gerchik & Co. Position of a managing partner at Hold Brothers, U.S. brokerage company has been among his major professional achievements.

Having that experience under his belt has helped Alexander Gerchik to start his own brokerage company which creates the most favorable and comfortable conditions for the traders.

In addition, president at Gerchik & Co has been named the Safest Trader according to Mojo’s Wall Street Warriors. In the course of his entire trading career, he barely experienced any unprofitable days.

Alexander Gerchik gladly shares his experience with others, hosting regular workshops and webinars. He has fostered thousands of newbies who became successful traders under his guidance.

Ivan Kroshnyi, a trader who was able to achieve great success in Forex, is co-founder of the company. He has huge trading experience and knows exactly what conditions the customers may need and will find the most beneficial.

Plans for the upcoming year

Forex market is ever-changing, and we are ready to change for the better along with it. Next year has new software solutions, trading tools, and favorable terms in store for our customers.

Join the world of quality Forex!
Make money with us and turn your most daring dreams into reality!

Yours faithfully,
Gerchik & Co!

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