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Special project from Gerchik & Co ­– chat for managers

A separate chat is organized for all traders of the Gerchik & Co company who became the managers. Its aim is to provide new knowledge to those managing the investor’s money to become more successful and earn trust of a larger number of investors.

Experienced traders meet here!

This is a closed community where Alex Gerchik consults traders personally. Due to his experience you will receive the answers to the questions on trading you are interested in, in particular, about the investor fund management. Although the managers can always count on expert assistance, they take decisions on their own, so, they regulate the potential risk and a probable income level.

How to join the chat?

Each trader of the company who became the manager would receive a notifying letter by e-mail with an invitation link to the closed chat. In case you don’t receive the letter, contact our technical support.

Additional possibilities of the closed chat participation

Besides the real-life communication the managers would be provided with the webinars where in addition to the cross light of trading issues Alex Gerchik answers additional questions. To receive an answer to your question, we recommend you to send it to e-mail: in advance.

Pay attention the deal questions should be properly formulated.
Only in this case they would be considered.
Question requirements.

A question should be in a screen form where the following data is provided:

  • clearly specified the place of question;
  • written a question of interest;
  • manager’s name.

Keep in mind, a properly written and formulated question is a guarantee to receive a comprehensive answer and save the speaker’s time, so that you will learn much more useful information.

Send your questions to the address with the letter subject «Question_webinar for the managers».

Join the chat, manage efficiently, earn confidently!

Important! Attention! Each participant of the chat should be a real manager in Gerchik & Co. If the chat participant passes the invitation link to the third persons, he will be excluded from the chat.

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