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Changes in the trading schedule during the public holidays in May 2019

Daylight saving time starts in the financial markets

Dear clients!

Please note that the trading schedule will be subject to changes during the upcoming holidays.

The Labor Day is traditionally observed on May 1 (Wednesday), and some European instruments, such as ESP_35, EUR_50, NED_25, SUI_20, Stock EU will be unavailable for trading.

The Early May Bank Holiday in the United Kingdom is on May 6 (Monday), and thus the UK financial markets will be closed.

In observance of the Spring Bank Holiday and Memorial Day on May 27 (Monday). the trading for many instruments will close earlier, whereas the UK and U.S. stock markets will take the full day off.

To check the whole trading schedule, see the table down below *.

SymbolTypeWednesday 1st of May – Labour DayMonday 6th of May – May Bank HolidayMonday 27th of May – Spring Bank Holiday & Memorial Day
FXFXNormal HoursNormal HoursNormal Hours
FX MetalsFX MetalsNormal HoursNormal HoursEarly Close 20:00
Crypto CurrenciesCryptosNormal HoursNormal HoursNormal Hours
AUS_200IndexNormal HoursNormal HoursNormal Hours
GER_30IndexNormal HoursNormal HoursNormal Hours
ESP_35IndexClosedNormal HoursNormal Hours
FRA_40IndexNormal HoursNormal HoursNormal Hours
JPN225IndexNormal HoursNormal HoursEarly Close 20:00
NED_25IndexClosedNormal HoursNormal Hours
EUR_50IndexClosedNormal HoursNormal Hours
SUI_20IndexClosedNormal HoursNormal Hours
GBR_100IndexNormal HoursNormal HoursEarly Close 20:00
USTECIndexNormal HoursNormal HoursEarly Close 20:00
SPX500IndexNormal HoursNormal HoursEarly Close 20:00
DJ30IndexNormal HoursNormal HoursEarly Close 20:00
Stock USSharesNormal HoursNormal HoursClosed
Stock EUSharesClosedNormal HoursNormal Hours
Stock UKSharesNormal HoursClosedClosed
WTIEnergiesNormal HoursNormal HoursEarly Close 19:45
CL_BrentEnergiesNormal HoursNormal HoursEarly Close 19:45
NGASEnergies FuturesNormal HoursNormal HoursEarly Close 20:00
CopperMetals FuturesNormal HoursNormal HoursEarly Close 20:00
DXIndices FuturesNormal HoursNormal HoursEarly Close 20:00

* The time shown in the table is according to MetaTrader 4 server time (GMT + 3).

Also, please keep in mind that the volatility typically increases during the public holidays which, in turn, often leads to dramatic changes in quotes.

Make sure to exercise caution on these days and do not neglect risk and money management. We recommend using the services and solutions offered by the company to protect the deposit against the drawdown to the fullest extent.

Should you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact our Support Desk at support@gerchikco.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We are wishing you smooth and profitable trading!

Gerchik & Co

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