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Attention! Popular Precious Metals Have Been Added as New Trading Instruments

Gerchik & Co Forex Broker has added new trading instruments

Dear customers!

Gerchik & Co makes every effort to ensure maximum quality, convenience and security of your Forex trading.

We introduce new trading instruments and innovative software solutions on a regular basis, expanding your options for trading transactions, and ways to deposit and withdraw funds etc.

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the best and most profitable Forex trading conditions.

Today, we have another great news for you!

We are happy to announce that Gerchik & Co now offers you a chance to trade platinum (XPT/USD) and palladium (XPD/USD), the most popular exchange metals after gold and silver.

They are in high demand among traders all around the globe with trades involving them being made on the world’s most famous and largest exchanges.

Starting from August 20, 2018, these instruments have been made available for trading at Gerchik & Co. Now you can make even bigger profit by trading these precious metals.

Benefits of trading platinum and palladium

Platinum and palladium are among the most liquid and highly-demanded exchange-listed metals. With each new wave of economic growth, the interest of market players to it intensifies.

Prices for platinum and palladium are linked to the exchange rates of U.S. dollar, gold, oil and different manufactured goods. Low volatility is typical for platinum, which is why it is often used as a protective asset for currency risk hedging. Because of its low volatility, you don’t have to be scared of dramatic changes in its exchange rate and can safely open medium and long-term positions for successful range trading.

Palladium is highly-valued and used in the manufacture of electronics and jewelry, in chemical and medical industries. It remains in high demand among traders as well. On top of that, its quotes are notable for high stability and smaller risks.

Based on expert projections, platinum and palladium are expected to increase in the future, so new trading instruments XPT/USD and XPD/USD brought to you by Gerchik & Co will help you make even more money.

Trading terms and conditions for XPT/USD (Platinum) and XPD/USD (Palladium):

  • Minimum volume: 10 lots.
  • Volume step: 10 lots.
  • Maximum volume: 1,000 lots.
  • Margin percentage: 2%.
  • Tick price: 0.01.
  • Tick size: 0.01.
  • Swap on long positions: 3%.
  • Swap on short positions: 0.2%.
  • Trading hours: Monday 01:00 – Friday 23:45.
  • Trading break: daily from 0:00 to 01:00.
  • Commission fee per 1 lot: $0.1.

Trade new instruments and earn!

May big profit be with you!

Gerchik & Co!