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Attention! New Feature on TIMA Accounts: Risk Manager Service Connected

Trust management with Gerchik & Co

Dear customers!

We are very pleased to share another amazing news with you all! From now on, you can invest in TIMA accounts in a safer and more profitable manner. Starting from July 23, 2018, Gerchik & Co has connected Risk Manager service to all of the TIMA accounts. The said service allows to limit the risks and the lossesassociated with trades. Unforeseen losses and loss of the whole invested capital shall no longer pose a threat.

The investors’ funds on TIMA accounts at Gerchik & Co are fully secure!

Risk Manager connected to TIMA accounts is a unique new feature introduced only at Gerchik & Co.

We make every effort to provide you with excellent care and service so that you can confidently and fearlessly march toward achievement of your ultimate goal – financial well-being and increase of the capital. With that in mind, we made the investment process as secure as possible. Risk Manager service connected to investment TIMA accounts at Gerchik & Co will keep your money safe.

This is a specially designed software allowing to manage the risks and control the trading process. The software has plenty of features and settings: setting up acceptable risk threshold, limiting the number of unprofitable trades, controlling the account drawdown.

Once the manager has entered the aforementioned parameters in the settings, Risk Manager will control the trading, not allowing the parameters to be violated. Should the acceptable loss threshold be reached, the trading shall be stopped automatically to prevent the manager from making new mistakes while being overwhelmed by emotions.

Investors’ funds are protected against major losses: losses and risks are limited, meaning that the losses are minimized, whereas the profit gets a necessary boost.

Benefits for investors

When picking the manager, the investors can learn about his or her capital management approach beforehand. In order to do this, all you have to do is check out his or her settings in the Risk Manager.

In such a manner, the investor can pick a manager whose trading style and risk management approach the investor is most comfortable with: either a trader who takes great risks aiming to earn super profit, or the one with moderate risks and average profitability.

The investor can be sure that the manager will not exceed the established risk threshold, and thus will not incur any unforeseen losses.

Benefits for managers

The Risk Manager connected to TIMA account not only protects investors’ funds, but also makes the manager’s work a lot simpler.

All of the negative emotions which interfere with the trading process such as fear, panic, or thrill no longer constitute a threat, since the Risk Manager will block the trade automatically, once the predefined loss threshold is reached.

Under no circumstances will the service allow the trader to exceed the allowable risk threshold and make inconsiderate trades which conflict with his or her trading rules.

Risk Manager makes trading more stable and reasonable, preventing the manager from suffering major losses. Thanks to this Service, the manager will lose a lot less money and will make more profit for himself/herself and investors.

Make safe investments with Gerchik & Co!

Risk Manager service on TIMA accounts keeps your funds safe, making the investment process as secure as possible. Invest in TIMA accounts at Gerchik & Co and get a decent passive income without much effort and additional risks!

Invest in TIMA account

Use the Risk Manager service and increase your trading performance!

We are wishing all investors and managers massive profits!

Gerchik & Co

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