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Algorithm Developer: Solution for Consistent and Profitable Trading

Upgraded Algorithm Developer by Gerchik & Co

Dear traders!

Gerchik & Co has upgraded its service Algorithm Developer. By using this solution, you’ll be able to create a customized trading algorithm based on your trading strategy and get a step-by-step game plan for any market scenario.

Creation of an algorithm is a tedious and time-consuming process. But we’ve got good news for you! With help of Algorithm Developer brought to you by Gerchik & Co, you will get your hands on a set of trading rules effortlessly in just 45 minutes.

create trading algorithm

Advantages offered by Algorithm Developer:

  • saves your time and money;
  • helps avoid false signals and loss of deposit;
  • regulates trading, while eliminating spontaneity and thrill;
  • takes the trading to a professional level.

How to use Algorithm Developer

Click on this link, press Create Algorithm button, answer the questions and upload the screenshots illustrating your trades. Based on your answers, a special software will automatically generate an action plan for you.

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