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Hello, Mr. Gerchik. CFDs, change in the price with a broker. If I buy a CFD on Apple’s stocks, this implies that I am concluding a contract for difference with a broker. How does a broker get insured and does the purchase of CFDs have an impact on the change in the price of real stocks?
I have asked my manager to reduce my leverage on the contest account to 25 and enable the Risk Manager, but he refused to do so, having explained that these are the Contest Terms. Is it really so and what are they caused by?
Margin requirements regarding Turkish lira and indices have been recently increased. What's causing this?
I would like to deposit a big sum of money but the idea of it going to the other side of the world is terrifying. If something happens, there is nowhere to run. When it comes to a deposit in the bank, you have a contract, so if the bank crashes, with insurance coverage you can expect to get at least $1,400,000 back. With all due respect, in case of Gerchik & Co we just deposit the money somewhere and they are not protected in any way.
If all trades are brought onto the market, how can you find out who the counterparty is?
What should we do if your website is down and the hotline's number doesn’t respond? How can we be sure that we will get our money?
What if one day the Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications blocks the website of Gerchik & Co? We are based in Russia, you are based in Belize, where will we find you? Can you guarantee that every trader will be paid what he earned and his deposit?
According to you, which trait does a trader need to possess to trade in the market, and which one should attempt to get rid of?
The United States Congress keeps threatening to adopt new sanctions on Russia, including the banking sector. My question is, to what extent can the sanctions - if they are to be theoretically imposed - impact the reliability of work and the safety of the funds of Gerchik & Co’s clients?
If I entered the trade at a breakout of the daily level, I was knocked out according to a stop loss order on the same five-minute bar I had entered. How can I re-enter? Should I wait for the five-minute bar to close or place an order again, once I was knocked out?
Can a broker who trades with me open and close trades for me if I have attached him to my account? What does a broker get when I lose my money? How can I get my money back?
Hello! I cannot decide which broker to pick, since I don’t have much experience in trading. Can I trust Gerchik & Co? How many customers are currently using the services offered by your company?
I started trading Forex. During the first week, I traded according to “Plus” Algorithm with a stop loss order of 7.5-10 pips. Earlier this week, I have run into a series of unprofitable trades. My question is: should I increase the stop loss order by lot decrease when entering Forex? Say, 15-20 cents?
I am going to undergo training in your company, and I’m particularly interested in the levels. I tried to draw a few levels in the terminal, but it makes my eyes bleed. How many levels do you draw? Current level, or current one and a few more and that’s it?
I need your help in order to figure something out and make a decision. I took an online course in 60 days, did not attend a workshop in Moscow. I am trading Russian futures intraday, five-minute timeframe. Because of my job, I don’t have the time to sit at the computer. On top of that, I can’t quit work now in order to be able to fully focus on trading. I check the charts in the evening; however, there aren't many good trades. So, my question is this: am I wasting my time, since I still do want to turn trading into my main occupation in the future? Perhaps, it would be more reasonable to switch to a higher time frame i.e. to trade a daily, 1-hour or 30-minute time frames? Initially, I have picked 5-minute one in order to get the hang of it, and I get more trades per day. I realize that I may be wrong, this is why I am asking for your professional advice. Thank you for all the things you do on a paid basis and for free.
I have no time for participation in your contest. Could you host another faster one?
Can CFD instruments (e.g. Walt Disney, Ford Motor Company etc.) in the MT4 platform be qualified as stocks?
What does the note stating «The company shall reserve the right to introduce amendments and modifications» in the training terms and conditions mean?
Are there any cryptocurrency reviews by Alexander Gerchik planned similarly to his stock and futures reviews?
What factors does interest depend on? What should the trader base the size of his or her remuneration on?
Why does Gerchik & Co have no user-friendly and functional MT5 trading terminal? Are you planning to introduce and launch any other platforms?
What piece of advice would you give to those participating in a Contest on Demo Accounts?
What is the best way to prep for the Contest on Demo Accounts?
How do you ask a question and get an answer during a webinar?
What factors do I need to pay attention to in order to avoid a false signal?
Is there a book dedicated to false breakouts which Alexander Gerchik would suggest reading?
What should a trading plan include?
What needs to be done to find a broker and start trading?
Three years have passed since you mentioned about obtaining a European license. Hasthere been any progresson that front?
Demo account does not have enough features. When can we expect a wider range?
The stocks of which exchanges have been added and can now be traded?
How many instruments have been added?
What do demo accounts offer?
What is a Mentor Bot on a demo account meant for?
How many subscribers does Gerchik & Co’s YouTube channel have?
Are there any partner programs available for those wishing to collaborate with Gerchik & Co?
Which exchange are the data acquired from?
Has Alexander Gerchik ever received any offers to take the office of a manager in major stock companies?
How should one approach yesterday's High and Low?
What has to be taken into consideration when trading a false breakout in a trend movement?
How many charts does Alexander Gerchik have in a timeframe?
Why is the information illustrated by Alexander Gerchik considered to be the best in the Forex market?
Where do the levels drawn by Alexander Gerchik come from?
How to arrange own risk management in a mathematically correct way?
How and where has Alexander Gerchik lost the most money in trading?
Do any real trades take place at Alexander Gerchik’s workshops?
What function does the partner office perform?
How long has been you company working?
Will I have a personal account in the bank or I send money to the company's account? Why is it done this way, explain in detail.
What are the guarantees against company bankruptcy?
How does the company make profit?
Does the company guarantee the safety of client’s funds in case of trust management?
How is your activity regulated?
How is trade opened? (in case of trading on demo and real account. What is the difference?)
Why does the company have maximum leverage 1:100?
How does the broker’s working scheme differ in case of A book and B book?
What maximum slippages can be at low-liquid pairs?
Do the slippages happen when news is released? If yes, how large are they? What can be done in this situation?
How many liquidity providers does the company have? How did you manage to reach such a low spread, the best in the industry?
How can it be proved a trade is placed on the interbank market?
How do ECN and STP-broker differ?
What is order execution in your company, market or Instant?
Trade output technology NDD. What is it?
When is it planned to obtain the European license?
Do you have a possibility to open account in roubles?
Will it be possible to trade Moscow exchange instruments in your company?
I want to trade the US stock market and futures by means of your company. Will be such an opportunity?
Do you provide trading signals and bonus deposits?
Can I trade binary options by means of your company?
Do you plan to integrate additional payment systems, such as Yandex money or PayPal?
What is verification in your company and why is it necessary to provide own documents?

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