Alex Gerchik’s market analysis

The main rule of success in trading is to learn, learn and once more to learn. Learning of basic skills and gaining of successful experience, in particular – learning of financial market analysis in the professionals will allow to gain the desired goal – to reach a high level in trading, trust management and investment.

Fundamental and technical analysis of financial markets – the major instruments to forecast future trends in price behaviour. The first one is based on the data received from the mass media: economic and political news. The second, a look-back analysis of price behaviour for a picture of future changes is demonstrated, as rule, in the graphical form.

Specially for you to get a new stage in trading, Gerchik & Co opens a free access to the workshop sessions by Alex Gerchik allowing to conduct qualitative analysis of financial markets.

Lean from the expert, study Forex analysis and stock market analysis, explore new horizons of successful trading!

Forex analysis

Forex is the financial market of unlimited opportunities for everyone regardless of profession, age and social status.

For you – a range of unique training webinars that would help to get learn Forex inside and become its full-fledged member.

Forex market analysis by Alex Gerchik for 11.09.2019

Forex market analysis by Alex Gerchik for 11.09.2019

11.09.2019    Gerchik & Co

Alex Gerchik analysed the previous levels and recommendations during the review of trading instruments on Forex market

Stock market analysis

The stock market doesn’t stop to surprise by its dynamics and volatility. But it follows its rules as any other financial institute.

So, the webinars where Alex Gerchik analyzes the stock market would become case studies of successful trading for you.

Stock market analysis by Alex Gerchik 19.08.2019

Stock market analysis by Alex Gerchik 19.08.2019

19.08.2019    Gerchik & Co

On August, 19, 2019 Alex Gerchik analyzed the stock market. Defined new levels in accordance with current state of market