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successful traders, reliable managers and satisfied investors together.

Gerchik & Co is a totally new approach to Forex. Our broker-company managed to unite trader’s talent and ambitions together with unique automatic services, in order to make profits efficiently and invest successfully.

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Company executives



Ivan Kroshniy

Founder and CEO of the Gerchik & Co company

Alex Gerchik

Founder and president of the Gerchik & Co company

Advanced trading format

Founders of the company – Alex Gerchik and Ivan Kroshniy – traders with many years’ experience, who also have their own strategies and successful trading algorithms. In the year 2014 these Forex professionals were in the search of a broker. This is when they realized, that the market has no such companies, which can offer them conditions, corresponding with their needs.

It was rather logical for them to start their own broker company of a new generation, which would become a gold standard of quality Forex. Have an idea? Make it a reality! The young and fresh Gerchik & Co company started out in 2015. Ivan Kroshniy, a talented trader and former student of Alex Gerchik, became the company’s third cofounder.

Determination, practical knowledge and experience of company founders inspired others and resulted in forming a team of like-minded people. Their mission – to show the new format for Forex market: quality, profitability, safety.

What defines the success with GERCHIK & CO?

Basic principles of our work – honesty, reliability, expertise. We are always open for clients and partners. We consider that these are our strengths:

Advisory support from mentors and consulting chat with colleagues

All of these puts us among the Forex broker leaders, and brings respect and trust from our partners.

Our achievements indicate our level of expertise

We are aimed at constant development, improvement and progression. Our aspirations are always verified by actions, which strike a chord with the world of big trading. Our awards and prizes can prove this.

Breakthrough of the year – December 2015 Winner according to the «Russian Trading Day Money» independent voting of traders. Alex Gerchik also gained the title of the Best Speaker.

The Fastest Developing Broker – November 2015 Winner according to Mena 15th Forex Show, UAE. The most respected trade show in the financial world of Middle East and Northern Africa.

We are proud that Gerchik & Co gained these awards. But we also believe that our recognition still awaits for us, and we can only reach real success together with our traders and investors, for whom we create unique quality Forex trading possibilities.

All Forex talents in one place!

The central place in our company belongs to our staff, among which are traders, marketing specialists, programmers, designers, journalists, analytical experts, financial experts, accountants, managers. Independently from different interests, they are all united by one common trait – love and knowledge of Forex.

Gerchik & Co open possibilities for anyone:

• Who wants to become a part of a successful team • Who strives to grow professionally among creative people • Who is full of energy and creative ideas • Who is ready to produce a quality product for the comfortable Forex

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GERCHIK & CO company – a unique blend of stock market traditions and high technologies of trading, which prove our efficiency, reliability and safety!