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4 days to go: who will become the winners of the Contest on Demo Accounts hosted by Gerchik & Co

Traders’ Contest hosted by Gerchik & Co is coming to an end

On April 15, we are going to learn the names of 55 winners of the Contest on Demo Accounts: Season 4. All of them will get $1,000 on prize TIMA accounts from Gerchik & Со. It is a perfect launchpad for successful career as a manager.

That being said, 4 days are left to go until the end of the Contest, and everyone has equal chance of ending up among the best.

The list of top 3 contestants hasn’t changed since the last review on Monday, April 8th and looks as follows*:

   1. SergVV

2. Olegs

3. lyubimchik2708

In terms of the contestants that were ranked 53-55 three days ago, major changes have happened here.

Basilio climbed up from 53d to 47th place. Trader19840406 dropped from 52th place by 24 positions, ending up on 76th, whereas Kirkc went down from 55th to 69th place.

At the bottom of today’s ranking (places 53-55) are:

   53. Drasgen

54. docent

    55. zakvasov

* The information shown is as of 11:20 a.m. MSK, April 11, 2019.

Keep an eye on the ranking of the contestants who might become the traders who will soon successfully manage your funds.

May luck be with you, dear contestants!

Gerchik & Co

What to know:

Have you already installed MetaTrader 4 terminal?

If not, do so now!

Install  MT4

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